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About Pixelfish Marketing South Africa

Media, marketing and advertising evolution is at our core. We give you an unfair advantage over your opposition, by forging relevant campaigns, content and creative which is then driven over our revolutionary advertising and marketing platforms.

Our story

Pixelfish Marketing was created to not only offer revolutionary, measurable marketing solutions but honestly…to positively change the marketing arena. Sounds cliche, but it’s true! The reason for this is, we just come from international corporate companies and saw how the marketing world was growing into a costly, consuming leviathan. This industry was and is filled with so many outlandish, costly “great ideas” and marketing schemes and we just had to do something…and something we did! :). We pooled together a group of truly amazing people, whom all boast a plethora of knowledge, success and most importantly, sound, ethical morals. And then something extraordinary happened…….. The new age of marketing was born right here in our home town, Newcastle.

Pixelfish Marketing is not a name, it is a hard earned, tried and tested, algorithm built on the backs of people whom are in love with their positive product offering. Of  which we are sharing with you, our community and South Africa. We truly are putting art back into the heart of marketing and we look forward to you joining in our one awesome story!  


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