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Google Adwords is a phenomenal way to instantly drive traffic to your website. We manage client campaigns carefully as the game is constantly changing.

Search engines like Google and YouTube are what most people use to find what they’re looking for online, fact. Thus you want to ensure your website is ranked at the very top of your most important search results. A combination of paid and organic listings will provide your website with the best opportunity to deliver great results.

Google Organic

These are listings you don’t pay for but are usually the ones that deliver quality results. Google’s primary focus is to put the user in touch with the most relevant and quality websites based on their search entry. This is why they continually assess every web page by means of Google Bots, ensuring they rank the best ones first. And it’s why optimizing your website for search engines is so important. Without this your websites blurs into the vastness of websites out there.

Google Paid

These are the ads you see at the top and down the right side of the Google search page. Pixelfish Solutions will create and carefully manage your Adwords PPC (pay per click) Campaign to achieve maximum clicks at the lowest possible rates.


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine worldwide only second to its holding company, Google. So it makes logical sense to include it in your search engine marketing plan/budget. Some people prefer to watch a short video than read text so you want to make sure you’re catering for them – and not leaving it up to your competitors.

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