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This is where we made a name for ourselves, Social Media Management is an extremely powerful service which we deliver with an innate amount of precision and accuracy. Being able to manipulate social media has taken us years of constant application. We WILL impact your target market, we WILL deliver results!!

Social Media Driving You Cookoo?

We create strategies and content for social media platforms around our clients needs and wants. We will assist in defining why your brand should (or shouldn’t) be there and then plan content that will attract and keep your audience engaged.

“Pixelfish Marketing knows the art of building rock solid relationships by engaging, educating and entertaining people” Thus, let us give your business this major a competitive edge.

Social media is a part of the Pixelfish Big 3, it has evolved from a basic communications platform between long last friends and family to a fundamental and invaluable business asset. Social Media is not just putting a post on your company page, it is so much more and without our know-how and experience social media platforms are sorely underused.

We offer you the following services:

Setting up and customizing profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & Instagram etc.

Luring in the targeted followers and growing fans

Creating content (status updates, graphics, photos, videos & links)

Scheduling, posting & promoting content

Creating, implementing and managing campaigns

Reporting system which provides you with metrics this furnishes you with a comprehensive insight into whom is engaging, reading, visiting and liking your campaigns/posts.

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