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When referring to the above statistic, it is quite clear that in the new age of business, Corporate Videos are not a nice to have but are like oxygen to the marketing and sales process of any company. Trust is instantly created, your product/service is portrayed in an upmarket, professional and captivating manner all in cased in alluring post production graphics as well as a professional voice over artist whom conveys bite size chunks of information which a client can digest and remember, it is the ultimate sales person.  Pixelfish Solutions has over a decade in magazine and online media thus we state the following with great confidence, the days of business magazine advertorials, unmeasurable event sponsorships and hundreds of words editorial write ups are becoming more and more unpopular as they truly are an over investment for unmanageable results whereas a corporate video is purchased, uploaded and will still be relevant in a few years’ time, thus you get the most more bang for your buck and in the competitive climate we trade in today, one needs to ensure every cent is placed in a marketing tool which will generate the most return and there is no better than a Pixelfish Corporate Video.

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